Description : Oh no! Help! I’ve lost my head! Can you tell me the street name of the trash bin I lost it in? Maybe I can still find it…

Flag format: TFCCTF{street_name_and_street_number_as_seen_on_google_maps_separated_by_underscores}

Solves : 152

download img.heic file attached on description

First, check file type of img.heic, its a ISO Media

we need convert to image file, i found this (

open the image, its a trash image, i have tried google image search, bing, but havent succeed, i dont know why im not checking the image using exiftool first, there is a GPS location :(

using this website ( to search the location

we found the location at Strada Simion Musat 2, but its not the right location

then, search the real location using gmaps and i got it on Strada Simion Musat 4

flag : TFCCTF{Simion_Musat_4}

Thanks for read my writeups, follow me for some update!



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Muhammad Ichwan

Muhammad Ichwan


IT Security Enthusiast | CTF Player with warlock_rootx and [MEPhI] Kernel Escape